Vancouver Island 2022

14th Sep 2022

The Vancouver Island Greentours Natural History trip for 2022 was full of memorable wildlife sightings, and the guests were highly motivated to see as many species of everything that wasn’t a rock — I didn’t go into the geology too much. You can see a trip report with many more images from the tour on the Vancouver Island 2023 tour page – just click on 2022 trip report. We had great weather overall with temperatures reaching into the low 30’s centigrade, with only a short rain squall while on board the return trip from the highly successful Orford River Grizzly Bear viewing, otherwise we needed sun protection all days and we were able to have lunches at unique outdoor locations on most days. 

The Sea Otters were special, and seeing a mother and her pup floating in the seaweed was a bonus. Dozens of Humpbacks and Orcas, the latter often being harassed by the speedy Dall’s Porpoise, were seen both in the misty morning light and in the brightest mid-day sun.

Butterflies and dragonflies put in appearances, but this late in the season the variety is reduced somewhat. The flowers, trees, ferns and fungi were a major part of the trip as all participants had a significant interest in botany and fungi, most with advanced knowledge that contributed to the significant list we finished with.

Highlights would be the beach walks, the variety of forest types we were able to hike through, the waterfalls, the best kept secret Ecological Reserve in Alert Bay, and the many bird species, in particular the 100’s of “dancing” Sanderlings to and fro-ing with the incoming waves on Chesterman Beach. And to finish off with walk-away views of a sleeping Barred Owl at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary couldn’t have been scripted any better!

The food in the various restaurants was excellent, with special kudos to Paula and Pablo at the Alert Bay Inn – a wonderful location for great meals.

Can’t wail until next year.

Rand Rudland