Israel’s Oncocyclus Irises

25th May 2020

Iris bismarckiana © Oron Peri

Early next March Oron leads a very special tour to Galilee and the Negev. Israel has an unusual range of habitats from pure deserts to mountains topped by snow in the winter. In short, perfect conditions for bulbous species to proliferate and they have, with more than two hundred species.

Amongst them it will the Oncocyclus Irises that really grab the attention though there’s some gorgeous orchids, tulips, fritillarias and other irises too. There are nine species of these impressive irises in Israel, and on this tour it is possible to see eight of them – which eight depends on the season. Here’s some pictures from Oron’s last tour plus a special gift from Kurt’s garden – Iris gatesii (not from Israel!)