Come and visit the magical Dolomites with us this July

6th Jun 2020

Gentiana clusii © Apollonio Tottoli

It is very nice to be able to write at last some positive news, at least partially so! Countries are re-opening their borders to foreign travel and in some form at least the UK will be too. Exact rules and guidelines are still uncertain though.

We can now start to look forward to some tours at last taking place.

Some tours with start dates after July 1st 2020 will be able to run. Some may not – the situation is still fluid.

Italy has been steadily reopening during the last few weeks and hotels have been functioning for a while now and their restaurants. Social distancing guidelines have been woven into daily life at these establishments and regulations regarding the numbers of people in transport have been clarified. So now we are able to offer you a chance to do our usual Dolomites tour but this year in the middle of July. The later date means that the variety of butterflies will increase greatly. Highlights may include Small Apollo, Peak White, Alpine Blue, Glandon Blue, Eros Blue, Purple Emperor, Shepherd’s Fritillary, Mountain Fritillary, Thor’s Fritillary, Asian Fritillary, Cynthia’s Fritillary, Alpine Grayling, Eriphyle Ringlet, Yellow-spotted Ringlet, Lesser Mountain Ringlet, Sooty Ringlet, Silky Ringlet, Stygian Ringlet. Cliffs are festooned with the pink Potentilla nitida, a variety of pretty Saxifrages, Androsaces and Houseleeks. In particular we will search out the enigmatic Devil’s Claw and beautiful King of the Alps! Amongst many lovely bellflowers and rampions are Phyteuma globulariifolium, Phyteuma zahlbruckneri, Campanula carnica, Campanula cochlearifolia – the lovely Fairy’s Thimbleand the gorgeous royal blue cushions of Campanula morettiana.

Come and join us for one of the best floral shows in Europe with some of Europe’s most beautiful butterflies, and all set amidst the most magnificent mountain landscapes.

We’ll keep you updated with news on tours that we will be able to operate but in theory most of the European and Turkish ones can after the 10th July.