Wild India 2016 – Tigers and Leopards and Bears, oh my!

2nd Feb 2017

The tigress Arrowhead © Fiona Dunbar

It was great to be back in India after a long tour-leading break. As I could expect, it was a great tour with fantastic sightings – although we were sometimes in different vehicles, everyone in the group had at least three tiger sightings! The last time I was leading this tour was pre-digital for me, and I noticed how easy it now is to get good bird photos compared to before. Black-necked Storks and Blue-bearded Bee-eaters were highlights, and the dancing Sarus Cranes. And loads of different owls! A short extract from the trip report – ‘Amanda, James and Hongie had started on the G and Ts by the time we arrived back at the hotel, brought on by the half hour they had spent in Zone 1 with a magnificent male Leopard and a Tigress that chased it off, do I need to say anymore than that? Cheers’ – the rest of the trip report is accessable from the Wild India page.

The scenery at Ranthambhore and  up in the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, and of course the mountainous area around Nainital was fantastic – see the gallery from this tour for photos. And of course, great Indian food and hospitality too.