What’s Happening in the Highlands of Mexico

26th Feb 2018

Black-winged Stilts and American Avocets © Ian Green

…Some Black-necked Stilts and American Avocets at Lago Cuitzeo this morning and a Magnificent Swallowtail from the Mil Cumbres this afternoon. Some Spanish will allow you to understand Mil Cumbres means a thousand peaks. Beautiful area with blue ridge after blue ridge and all the oak trees covered in Bromeliads.

So today we started in a salty lake where we saw over 100,000 birds with so many ducks (ten species) and waders, grebes, terns, gulls etc – highlights were the families of Clark’s Grebes carrying babies on their backs. Some of the group spent the morning in the world heritage city of Morelia then we all met up for a picnic at the spot where we took this picture of the Magnificent Swallowtail…

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