New Extension on the Snow Leopards of Monglia tour for Pallas’s Cat

13th Dec 2019

Palla’s cat © Milan Vogrin

Following on from a sighting of a Pallas’s Cat on our Snow Leopards trip this year we’ve learnt about a protected area where the combination of rolling grasslands and little rocky tors provide the optimum habitat for these gorgeous little felines. Here they are common and reasonably easy to observe in daylight. Of course it will still require some patience, but experience suggests that even on a one day visit seeing them is likely so we have a very good chance on a two day visit. This area is also very good for Wolves and so early mornings will see us busily scanning the step for them. There are also good numbers of Argali, rare at the other sites we visit, and plenty of Mongolian Gazelles and Corsac Foxes too. See our Snow Leopards trips for more details.