Uditha Hettige

Widely renowned as the finest and most knowledgeable wildlife guide in Sri Lanka, Uditha Hettige has worked tirelessly to improve the scientific understanding of wildlife on the island and also to bring it to a wider audience. Uditha is one of those people who seem to be able to fit three lifetimes in one – he seems always to be either tour-leading, lecturing, or producing several research papers or books at once; his energy is remarkable. There can be few people around the world who can honestly say that they can find you any mammal species that you want to see in their country. Not surprisingly Uditha is sought-after by mammal (and bird, and Odonata, and Lepidotera…) officiandos worldwide, so we feel very lucky we’ve found a moment where he can lead a tour for us!

Leading on the following tours

Asia Mammal Watching