Sarah Green

Sarah Green first went on a tour, aged 2, to Gotland. Early years were spent creeping through the undergrowth to get close to the birds on Nanny’s feeder. At 16 Sarah was a Junior Peak Park Ranger, and also working as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool where she swam and trained younger groups for Buxton Swim Club. More recently Sarah has lifeguarded for open water events, a more challenging role. Sarah’s interest in wildlife, her ability to spot movement at a distance, her organisational skills and her natural inclination to make sure everyone is OK make her an excellent tour leader. At 20 she has already lead several Greentours trips to Crete, Picos D’Europa and Mexico where she always proves popular with clients. Summer holidays have seen Sarah travelling far and wide, working as a volunteer for the sea turtle conservation society Archelon, and to events such as placement being trained to track Otters on Barra. Now in her third year of her Wildlife Conservation degree at Bangor University, where her dissertation is on factors affecting the distribution of Otters on Anglesey and in the Outer Hebrides, Sarah will somehow make time to lead the Picos D’Europa tour where her Spanish will undoubtedly come in useful once again!

Leading on the following tours

Americas Natural World Tours

Rainforests of Lacandon, Cloudforests of San Cristobal

Chiapas 12th Feb - 27th Feb 2025 (16 days)