Sabina Knees

Sabina Knees has found the Arabian Peninsula has given her a great deal to keep her busy over the past four decades. She works with the Centre for Middle Eastern Plants, and is a Research Associate with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Formerly she was Editor of the Flora of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra. She has persued research interests in horticulture, plant taxonomy and plant conservation, mostly in the Arabian Peninsula and is currently a member of the Horticultural Taxonomy Group (Hortax), the IUCN SSC Arabian Plant Specialist Group and the Executive Committee of the Friends of Socotra. Sabina’s intimate knowledge of the flora of Oman is the driving force behind our visits to that botanical hotspot.

Leading on the following tours

Asia Middle East

Dhofar’s Monsoon Flora and Muscat’s Geomorphological Showcase

Oman 17th Sep - 27th Sep 2024 (11 days)