Peter Steiger

Peter Steiger is a freelance Swiss landscape architect, author and university teacher. As well as developing private and public gardens with native plants, he is involved in many environmental impact studies or forest reserve projects. He has written encyclopedias about Swiss forest communities and trees and shrubs of Central Europe. Since a summer as a volunteer ranger in Yosemite National Park, Peter has loved visiting mountain ranges worldwide, comparing their specific floras and showing these plant wonders to university students and naturalist groups with great enthusiasm. He is always fascinated by the variety of surprising relationships between landscape, culture, geology, climate, and the relating plant communities. Peter enjoys dancing, theatre improvisation, and cooking fine food for his partner, two sons, and friends.

Leading on the following tours

Asia Middle East

Dhofar’s Monsoon Flora and Muscat’s Geomorphological Showcase

Oman 17th Sep - 27th Sep 2024 (11 days)



Sichuan 27th Jun - 13th Jul 2024 (17 days)