David Koutsogiannopoulos

David Koutsogiannopoulos is a naturalist who has been involved for over 20 years in the promotion of wildlife knowledge in Greece. He is a journalist, illustrator, photographer, author, editor and field guide. He has been a contributor to newspapers, magazines and publishing houses and he has worked with environmental organizations and local bodies (municipalities, prefectures, local associations of professionals, hoteliers, etc.) for wildlife communication issues. He published the scientific field guide “Fishes of Greece” with over 500 species illustrations. In 2011 he created the website naturagraeca.com the largest online guide for the wildlife of Greece in which more than 500 destinations of naturalistic interest are recorded with more than 6,000 photographs of species of flora and fauna. In 2013 he wrote the play “La danza de la medusa” on Greek nature and mythology that was staged in Venice. In his travels he has made discoveries that have been published in 76 scientific papers. Today he continues his travels for naturagraeca.com and collaborates with ecotourism travel agencies as a field guide and consultant for the nature of Greece.

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