Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner is a plant-world all-rounder and top quality naturalist to boot. Chris and his wife Basak produced the lavish ‘Flora of the Silk Road’ see Chris’s blog http://www.flowersofthesilkroad.blogspot.com/. A very able leader, Chris seamlessly manages to look after the day to day running of the tour while at the same time finding and showing fauna and flora to the group with an enthusiastic humour that we are sure you’ll enjoy. Chris supplies many of the images in our brochure and on the Greentours website. To see more of his pictures, take a look at his photography website www.chrisgardnerphotography.com, where individual favourites or collections from Chris’s tours will be available for sale as CDs or prints.

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Americas Natural World Tours
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Mount Kinabalu and Sabah's Fabulous Rainforests

Borneo 1st Feb - 18th Feb 2025 (18 days)