Anastasia Louhenpessy

Anastasia Louhenpessy is a freediver, scuba diver and snorkeller supreme. She is an amazing nudibranch spotter, and has a wide knowledge of the underwater world. Ask her anything about nudibranchs and watch her eyes light up. Originally from Ambon she grew up in all over Indonesia and speaks a number of local languages, in addition to Indonesian as her mother tongue, and English. She has worked as a tour guide for more than a decade on land and sea excursions in the Indonesian Archipelago. She also has a lovely voice a might be persuaded to serenade you during your cruise.

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Whale Sharks, Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise and Wobbegongs

Raja Ampat 9th Jan - 21st Jan 2025 (13 days)

Asia Australasia Natural World Tours