Kazakhstan’s Wild West

6th Dec 2021

Boszhira Tract © Alexander Petrov

A new and unique trip to the almost surreal moonscapes of the Ustyurt Plateau and the capes and islands of the Caspian Sea’s eastern shore is now in place for next May.

It is a difficult trip to categorize. It will be an adventure, exploring landscapes and wildlife in a remote region which is little known and doesn’t have so much in the way of creature comforts. It will be about mammals. It will be about birds. And perhaps above everything, it will be a splendid journey through spectacular arid landscapes.

Amongst the mammals we are looking for are Marbled and Steppe Polecats, Corsac Foxe, Caracal, Saiga and Transcaspian Urials. The endangered Caspian Seal too. There’s MacQueen’s Bustards and Caspian Plovers amongst some great dry-steppe birds too.