Holidays in September & October

7th Aug 2021

Flying again!

The UK government has announced that there will no longer be any quarantine restrictions on tourists returning from countries listed as ‘amber’ on the UK government’s traffic light system. This is a big step forward. It is possible for you to go on holiday to a much wider range of destinations! The green list of countries has been expanded too.

We can now expect to run quite a number of trips starting from next month.

All the following destinations are amber-listed

Hungary – 9th September

Autumnal Algarve – 7th October

There are three trips to Greece in October. Currently there are places available on all three though now only 5 left on the Peloponnese. Note it is possible to combine some of these to make a two week trip.

Crete -13th October

Delphi 13th October

Peloponnese 20th October.

Additionally we are watching Mammal-Watching Bhutan – 7th October closely and seeing when the Bhutan government allows entry to tourists again as now the necessity of travelling through India is made possible by the latter’s amber category. Bhutan is amber listed currently.

The Mammal-Watching tour to Western Sahara at the end of October is full, however there are still some places available on a second trip 17th – 25th November.

We hope that it will b possible to run all or at least a very high percentage of the tours listed on our website from the start of November.

PCR tests are required pre-departure and twice after you return. These have come down in cost substantially and you should budget for two PCR tests at around £59 if you are fully vaccinated, three if you are not. There are varying requirements for entry though, but we will keep you up to date with all the information you need.

We are hoping Turkey and Kenya will move to the amber list shortly,

Looking forward to travelling again!