Heather’s Garden

10th Apr 2020

Gazanias © Heather Hill

Here’s some pictures from Heather Hill’s garden. Heather lives near Blenheim at the northern end of South Island, New Zealand where they are in their third week of a four week lockdown. Heather’s last trip with us was to Bhutan last year where aside from the butterflies she very much enjoyed the chance of seeing so many Arisaema species in the wild. The one pictured here though is from her garden.

The amorous (or at least one amorous!) Lapwings were photographed by Nigel from London who gets into Richmond Park most days for his daily exercise (and photography!). Ann from rural Aberdeenshire is perhaps luckier than most at the moment as she says she gets “constant entertainment from red squirrels and pine martens at peanut feeders outside my window, badger setts to monitor with a camera trap, a blackcock lek in a field a mile and a half away to watch, and hordes of goldfinches and siskins to feed, as well as a fairly large garden to look after.” Do continue to send us pictures and your lockdown news.