Treats in Gotland

13th Jun 2024

Razorbill, Storra Karlso, off Gotland. By Fiona Dunbar

I was very happy to be back on Gotland with a group of 12 and co-leader Ian Bennallick. One of my all time favourite tours, visiting Gotland is like going back in time, with quiet roads, flowery meadows,wetlands and verges, with numerous wooden windmills, gothic churches and iconic Viking picture stones and boat settings marking high status burials everywhere. Our hotel backed onto dunes covered with Pasque flower and Dark Red Helleborines.

Adder’s Tongue Ferns by Fiona Dunbar
Pasque Flower seedheads by the hotel dining room by Fiona Dunbar
Broad-bodied Chaser by Fiona Dunbar
Military Orchid with Glanville Fritillary by Fiona Dunbar