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Costa Rica Through The Lens

This has proved an enjoyable variant of the Costa Rica trips and no less productive than either of the other tours. Much like the ‘regular’ tour there is a superb range of wildlife on offer and this selection is from two trips to illustrate what is possible. In 2010 I had a black-and-white owl calling outside my cabin, close-up squirrel monkeys, a green basilisk in a heliconia patch, fantastic bristly caterpillars and the stunning little Sarota butterfly. Every year is different and worthwhile but 2011 will live long in the memory. Following on from eye-lash and hog-nosed pit-vipers, great hummingbirds at Savegre (with Barry acing with an amazing shot of one feeding from a flower) and abundant howlers, a day of heavy rain brought on a a froggy feast. We were leaving that morning but Melissa and I went for a last early (5.30) stroll to the pond and couldn’t believe our eyes as thousands of red-eyed parachuting leaf frogs smothered the poolside vegetation in a frantic mating frenzy (which apparently takes place at dawn). They were weighing down the trees and leaves, it was literally dripping with frogs and we didn’t know where to start taking pictures. In the end I hung around until 7.30 and got my favourite shots with heaps of frogs on the heliconias. Chris Gardner