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The Italian Alps – The Dolomites and Stelvio National Park

The photographs for this gallery are by John and Hilary Birks, from the 2017 tour. As emeritus members of the EECRG, the images are taken from a presentation for the EECRG about the tour, and follow a journey taking you up through the sub alpine and alpine zones and habitats. The EECRG is the Ecological and

Environmental Change Research Group at the University of Bergen, which has the main research theme to study ecological and environmental change over a range of temporal and spatial scales. It attempts to set contemporary ecological and environmental patterns and processes in the context of longer time-scale variability.

The photos are grouped, after the very first one into habitats, separated by photos of the habitats; forest, grasslands, screes and the alpine zone, with a few other highlights to finish!

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