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Pandas of Qinling

This is one of the ultimate mammal trips made all the more special by spending almost the entire trip in one place and on foot, not for us loads of miles cooped up in a minibus… we did cover a good number on foot though! Our encounters with wild Giant Pandas were of course memorable and each had its own elements of luck, excitement and hard work. We had fantastic views of those spectacular Red and White Giant Flying Squirrels, a Serow and four Goral. It was great to get to know Foping so well, its stunning scenery and its birds, fungi, rivers, mossy ravines, and those self-heating meals! Rolf and the tackers were awesome. I visited little-known Laba He searching for a viable place to take the group next year to see Red Pandas and hit the jackpot. No less than four hours spent watching and photographing these endearing beasts in just two days, and a superb range of other mammals too including Blue Sheep, Long-tailed Goral, Tibetan Macaque and Takin. Photographs by Fiona Dunbar and Ian Green