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Georgia is very unspoilt. A quick glance through these pictures will tell you that it is full of beautiful flowers too. The variety of Orchids and Bulbs is particularly impressive but it is the massed displays of these plants that takes the breath away. Square kilometres of Scilla rosenii cover the Javakheti Pass whilst in the Greater Caucasus we have come across tens of thousands of Pulsatilla violacea colouring slopes. The variety of Primulas is exceptional. One of my favourite places on any of the tours I’ve lead is the Gweletti Valley, nestled below the Devdorakhi Glacier on the slopes of Kazbegi with the Russian border just a few kms away, this paradise is full of grand scenery (see the icon picture for this gallery), beautiful flowers and some great birds and animals. Shamil and his friend Shaliko, a wild looking hunter who is also a well-known film star in Georgia, introduced me to this valley one May evening. We watched Caucasian Blackcock lekking and around forty rare East Caucasian Tur grazing in fantastic light as they told me of a recent encounter with Wolves in the valley.

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