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Costa Rica – An Enchanting Eden

Costa Rica is one of my favourite destinations and one of the finest wildlife destinations in the neotropics. But where to start with Eden? This collection of images is a composite of five trips during November/December and hopefully gives some idea of the breadth of wildlife. Personal highlights include the scarlet macaws that flew down to feed only ten metres away, the many stunning little strawberry poison frogs with calls far bigger than they are, the iconic red-eyed leaf frogs and close encounters (photographically) with the fearsome fer-de-lance. For four years now we’ve included Bosque del Cabo and these place is superb with so many monkeys around it is unbelievable. It was here two years ago that a noise above my bed led to a surprise (and very close) view of a woolly opossum that had come to visit me! The annual boat trip up the Rio Tempisque is also always a treat with great views of so many waterbirds and big iguanas. It impossible not to be impressed by the incredible agility of frigatebirds in flight or a flock of brown pelicans taking flight. Lastly the resplendent quetzal a truly stunning bird and one that I’ve never failed to find them on a tour, enjoying some amazing views on my visits to Savegre. All images copyright Chris Gardner.