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Kenya 2016

The 2016 Greentours excursion to two of the great National Parks in southern Kenya, Amboseli and Tsavo, was chock-full of great wildlife. Cats were everywhere – Lions seen almost daily, and great sightings of Leopard and Cheetah too. The great concentrations of game in Amboseli were amazing, the swamps full of large herbivores. Not a surprise then to see Hyenas so commonly there. The wetland birdlife there was amazing and throughout the bush we saw brilliantly coloured kingfishers, bee-eaters, barbets and starlings. To our great surprise and amazement we found a large group of African Wild Dogs enjoying a midday break under a huge Baobab. Night-time trips saw us watching Servals, Bushbabies, African Civets and getting exceedingly confused over a young Aardvark. Rarest animal? Steve was delighted by the Hirola in the Aruba Plains, one of the World’s most endangered mammals.

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