Flora of the Silk Road

7th Jan 2015

Flora Of The Silk Road © Chris Gardner

Başak and Chris are delighted to announce the arrival of their photographic guide to the Flora of the Silk Road, a compilation of 700 photos of 545 species of the most beautiful flowers, landscapes and cultural sights from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Central Asia, China and Sikkim.

In some respects it is a colossal photo gallery of the many wonderful tours Chris and Başak have led for Greentours. The photos date back to Chris’s second ever tour in 1999 – the Tien Shan – where despite copious vodka and dubious wine with Vladimir Chris still managed a couple of decent photos of the flower-rich Akzu-Dzabagly reserve. Since then Başak and Chris have led over fifty trips to the countries of the Silk Road and hope to lead many more to show its amazing and incomparable flora. For anyone wishing to buy the book it can be bought from all of the main retailers, although we always encourage the use of the local bookshop. Chris and Başak will also be selling copies direct (and on Turkish tours) for anyone wanting a signed copy.

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