Earthquake Appeal

20th Feb 2023

As you’ll have been aware there has been a devastating earthquake (well actually two on the same day) in Southern Turkey. Very many people died and so many people have lost their homes.

Help is needed. The attempt to find survivors is gradually winding down but then there’s the long process of those that have lost their homes getting their lives back on track. Tents, homes and food are the first priority and these may be needed for some time. We have been looking at how we can best help with donations etc with the knowledge that many of you may want to donate within the UK or from other countries outside of Turkey. Transfer of small amounts of cash abroad can lead to a lot of cash leakage (to the banks etc) so we’ve found an organisation based in the UK that is working to send money where it is most needed by directly funding organisations here in Turkey with large grants to aid their work. Right now it is about helping those who has lost their homes and have no/little shelter and food. As you’ll see if you have a look at Turkey Mozaik Foundation’s website they are not just about Earthquake Relief but that is where their focus very much lies at the moment. So please help them with a donation, Greentours already has! To donate go to

Just a note too about our Turkey tours this spring and summer. Fortunately there are no issues regarding the regions we are visiting and there has been no damage in those areas – so this includes tours to Cappadocia, Dalyan, the Pontic Alps and Lake Van, and of course the tour to our local area, the High Lycian Taurus. We look forward to showing you this beautiful country!