News and Photos from the Cappadocia Tour

This year provided us with plenty of amazing memories on our tour of the Central Tturkkey and Cappadocia. The beautiful steppe flowers in the gorgeous landscapes of Cappadocia wowed us all, especially the place where there was such a variety of flowers where a number of the group took off on their dawn balloon ride over the valleys and rock pinnacles of Goreme. 

Thousands of Greater Flamingos made a spectacular sight at Kulu Golu where there were also many waders, larks and some stunning Red-throated Pipits. I think all of us really enjoyed our morning at Catal Hoyuk, one of the oldest known inhabited sites in the world. The sites was great, and so were the displaying Rufous Bushchats. Iris sprengeri was found in flower, just, but Iris sari, Iris schachtii and the wonderful huge blooms of Iris kirkwoodii on Ahir Dagi were simply superb. The snowmelt flora on the Aladag was really beautiful and this year we found a great population of Fritillaria aurea and where it mixed with Fritillaria pinardii were all sorts of intermediates of all colours. Radde's Accentors were common up here. An early morning visit to the Sultan Marshes had us enjoying over eighty species in two hours, it seemed that whatever we thought of turned up! Common Crane, Little Crake, Little Bittern and Bearded Tits were the highlights. But coming back to those steppe flowers – they were amazing – Arnebia densiflora, Astragaluses, Androsaces, Gladiolus, Salvias of all forms and colours and all sorts of poppies and Adonises...


With special thanks to Doreen Meer for the lovely photos, particularly after the leader, erm, left his camera in an Istanbul taxi! A gallery to follow soon.

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