Coronavirus update

As you’ll be acutely aware the situation regarding world travel and indeed daily life has drastically altered in recent months. There are encouraging signs in Europe and the Middle-East at the moment with lockdowns gradually easing and normal life stating to return and even in some countries restaurants and hotels opening for business.

We have been through a long process of contacting all who have been booked to go on tours this spring and advising of cancellations to both them and to local suppliers. Currently we are dealing with tours in early June and have contacted all who are going on trips until the middle of the month. We are pretty sure too that we’ll be cancelling all trips still to depart until close to the end of June. There is a glimmer of a chance that tours starting on or after the 28th June may still go.

With all tours we follow the advice given by the UK Foreign Office in respect of travel and they currently advise against travel anywhere in the world. Though there is no end date given to this advice we do expect it to change in the coming weeks. However it will not be a blanket change and there is likely to be some parts of the World that UK citizens will be able to travel to starting in the next few weeks and some areas that will take longer for the advice to change. The same will apply to citizens of other countries. The result will be, for a while, a rather complicated international travel map! With this in mind from the 28th June we’ll be working on a tour by tour basis as to whether the tour can go ahead or not. We’ll give you as much notice regarding the intention to run a tour or not to run a tour as we possibly can but initially at least it could be quite short notice!

For all tours the final assessment of the situation will be two weeks prior to departure on long-haul tours and ten days prior to departure on European tours, though we certainly hope to be able to give you an indication well before that if we are likely to be able to run a tour.

If you have questions regarding trips you can still call the office +44129883563 or email us on anytime.

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