The Orcas have arrived

Good news indeed. The Orcas have arrived, following the shoals of herring they feed on. There are several pods in the area around Grundarfjörður, and I cannot wait to get out there with them on the Orcas and Aurora tour on the 8th of march! The extract below and photos are by Marie Mrusczok, the guide on the boat we will use in March. 


I told myself yesterday that we are now at a point where the tours can’t get any better. Today the orcas came along and proved me wrong! We had at least 5 different groups in Grundarfjörður today, including many little babies. “Roulette” (SN043) showed off the youngest addition to the Icelandic population again (we have named this baby “Wavewalker”). We had one juvenile coming right up towards us while the boat was stationary, maybe two meters away. We are very strict on our code of conduct – we are staying away and leave the orcas their space, so they decide if they want to come close, and they almost always do! There were hundreds of gannets diving, a sea eagle in between the feeding frenzy, and when we journeyed a bit further towards North, we came across a group of white-beaked dolphins that went high speed to the killer whale feeding area and started feeding in between them! So we saw orcas and white-beaked dolphins coming up together – or let’s say, we could make out their fins behind hundreds and hundreds of birds.

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