Russian Caucasus 2015

We're just coming to the end of the tour and during the past twelve days we've seen some amazing fauna and a wealth of flowers in the Russian Caucasus.

These mountains are so unspoilt and spectacular. Subalpine meadows have been smothered in colour with all sorts of orchids, louseworts, geraniums, inulas, dracocephalums, delphiniums and rhycocorys whilst the alpine areas the Fritillaria collina and all sorts of alpine gems have been amazing – Saxifraga flagellaris, Veronica minuta, Potentilla divina, Campanula biebersteiniana, Gentiana oshtenica and many lovely Primulas. The common factor behind all this has been some truly amazing mountain landscapes in which to frame our subjects. Here are few images of plants and butterflies in the landscapes. Later I'll put up some of the more spectacular plants too. Then there's the story of the Wolves hunting the West Caucasian Tur whilst two Brown Bears foraged below...

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