Romania Ultima Frontiera News - see tour 6th - 19th June

We are very pleased this year to be visiting the marvellous new facility at Ultima Frontiera, surely one of the best places in Europe for nature photography.

Remote and quiet this unique place is set in the heart of the Danube Delta. There is an incredible variety of habitats on this sizeable property and the owners have hit on the novel idea of providing electric buggies so one can go explore at one’s leisure. There is a network of temporary and permanent photography hides. Latest news from Ultima is that they have built a floating hide with an extraordinary prospective (3 cm from the water!) and in three weeks they’ll start using their new boat hide that can be used for wildlife excursions too (electric motor). They also have a very good hide from which it is possible to have a good view of the nest of black woodpeckers; at the time the group will be here, there will probably be chicks ready to fly. Have a look at their photograph gallery for a selection of photographs taken on their property over the past year or so. For more information, contact us or go to tour page on our websitethe

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