Help to Save Albatrosses and Turtles Now!

At this year's Bird Fair we were introduced to a wonderful new peice of equipment that could in very short time reduce Albatross and Turtles longline mortality to a fraction of current rates. Greentours has pledged suppot and we urge you to do likewise. Please visit to see details about the revolutionary Hookpod and click on the yellow banner to pledge your support. They need another £20K or so in the next week for this project to go ahead.

The Hookpod is an incredibly clever device which provides fishermen with an easy to use and durable way of protecting the barb of hook during setting. With a built in LED light and weighting, it reduces the need for light sticks and additional weights, thus reducing costs and marine waste. It also saves your crews setting time and is very effective at reducing accidental bycatch of seabirds. Designed to last for hundreds of sets over 3 years of operation, the Hookpod provides a single measure to reduce seabird bycatch and ensure fishing operations are as quick, safe and effective as possible.

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