El Fuego's Eruptions

We're currently on the Highlands of Mexico trip enjoying all that this wonderful country has to offer, and this year we've had a bit of a bonus.

Every year the volcano above our accommodation in Colima state huffs and puffs and we are usually treated to a spume of volcanic ash at some point, however this year Fuego has been very busy sending out great clouds of ash in spectacular columns several thousand feet into the air about every forty minutes or so. We've learnt that when there's been a bit of a gap that we should expect an even bigger eruption! Fuego has grumbled and rumbled and the sound of great boulders bouncing down the cone's exceedingly steep sides has been amazing – we've watched the boulders bounce, sending up 'footprints' of ash every time it whacks into the mountainside. Then it’s back to the butterflies, birds and flowers until the next eruption!

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