We’re very excited to announce three new tours for 2019 that have just gone up on our website. 

The first, in January 2019, is an exciting voyage through the islands and coral reefs of Raja Ampat, a fabulous region in the Ceram Sea off West Papua. This will be based aboard the lovely and very comfortable Katharina, and will feature encounters with the amazing Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise and Red Bird-of-Paradise, snorkelling with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, and a wonderful range of birds, cetaceans and coral reef life. We’re going Arctic-Alpine in July 2019 with our inaugural trip to Dovrefjell in the mountains above Trondheim in Norway where Arne Jakobsen is going to show us the rich flora found in these beautiful landscapes. Newfoundland is justly famous for its whales and its icebergs but did you know it has one of the richest orchid floras in Canada? Botanically the Newfoundland limestone and serpentine barrens are exceptional and the scenery in Gros Mourne and generally along the Northern Peninsula is glorious. We’ll also learn a little about the intriguing human history of the island and enjoy some of the finest seafood in Canada.

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