Filling up Fast

There are still a few places left on Winter tours to wonderful places

Three places on Assam and Bhutan (20th Jan- 5th Feb) -  mammals especially Indian Rhinos in Kasiranga, and wonderful birdlife and culture. 

Four places left on Chiapas, Mexico (1st - 16th February -  Toucans, Oropendulas and Scarlet Macaws aquamarine rivers adn 250 species of butterflies.

Two places left on Costa Rica Motmots and Manikins (7th - 25th February) - stuffing landscpes, virgin forests dazzling wildlife.

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We’re very excited to announce three new tours for 2019 that have just gone up on our website. 

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Encounters with Megafauna

This year’s Poland trip had some memorable encounters with European Bison – here’s an image from early one morning in Bialowieza Forest taken by the tour leader Phil Benstead.

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Fungi in Poland

Linda Morris has sent us this marvellous composite image of fungi taken on the Poland trip in September. We’ll see if we can get some images of all the Bison they saw soon too. 

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Dionysias in Iran

Dionysias somehow remind me of those boxes of Quality Street that we used to get at Christmas, the intense pink fudgy one and the brilliant yellow toffees! This year’s trip to the Iranian Zagros, was if you are into Dionysias, like visiting the proverbial sweet shop. We found no less than fifteen species in bloom, and my what bloom. 

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Wolves on Arctic Canada trip

As we took off from Yellowknife bound for Bathurst Inlet we were talking about whether we would see Arctic Wolf but as it turned out when we landed there we were already in state of exaltation. We had landed half way up to refuel and there, unbelievably, on the edge of the gravel runway was a fabulous Arctic Wolf, pure white, and clearly at the height of its powers. We taxied back and forth in front of it taking photographs. 

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Engadine Lodge Canadian Rockies

My brother very calmly said without seeming to move his lips let alone do any pointing “there’s a Lynx staring at me five metres away”. 

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Chiapas Nightlife

Our first night boat trip along the Sendero River in the Montes Azul National park in Chiapas was successful with two Kinkajous spotted and great views of Paraques, Crocodiles, Pottos and the impressive Greater Fishing Bat, but the second night trip proved to be so much better. 

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Wild India 2016 - Tigers and Leopards and Bears, oh my!

It was great to be back in India after a long tour-leading break. As I could expect, it was a great tour with fantastic sightings - although we were sometimes in different vehicles, everyone in the group had at least three tiger sightings! The last time I was leading this tour was pre-digital for me, and I noticed how easy it now is to get good bird photos compared to before. Black-necked Storks and Blue-bearded Bee-eaters were highlights, and the dancing Sarus Cranes. And loads of different owls! A short extract from the trip report - 'Amanda, James and Hongie had started on the G and Ts by the time we arrived back at the hotel, brought on by the half hour they had spent in Zone 1 with a magnificent male Leopard and a Tigress that chased it off, do I need to say anymore than that? Cheers' - the rest of the trip report is accessable from the Wild India page.

The scenery at Ranthambhore and  up in the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, and of course the mountainous area around Nainital was fantastic - see the gallery from this tour for photos. And of course, great Indian food and hospitality too

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Seen a few days ago on the Mammals of the Roof of the World tour!

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Red Panda photographed today!

Two photographs Jesper has just sent us of a Red Panda that the group were watching and photographing today on their first morning in Laba He on the Mammals of the Roof of the World trip. We'll bring you more news soon!

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Seen today on the Mammals of the Roof of the World Tour!

Jesper says that they watched two Pallas's Cat kittens as well! 

9 Tibetan Wolves seem on the crossing of the Cang Tang, the Roof of the World

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The Art of Cretan Flowers

These superb silk collages are by artist Amanda Richardson, and were inspired by her Greentours trip to Crete in the spring of 2015. 

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Pallas's Cats

Here are two of the four Pallas's Cats seen on the fifth day (October 5th) of the Mammals of the Roof of the World tour currently running!

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Flora of the Silk Road

Başak and Chris are delighted to announce the arrival of their photographic guide to the Flora of the Silk Road, a compilation of 700 photos of 545 species of the most beautiful flowers, landscapes and cultural sights from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Central Asia, China and Sikkim. 

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