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Jamie Compton

Jamie Compton

Jamie Compton studied at the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew and went on to become head gardener at the Chelsea Physic Garden, and is also currently Chairman of the RHS Lily Group. At the University of Reading he studied Cimicifuga, Cyclamen,?Salvia,?and Wisteria and has just published ‘Wisteria the Complete Guide’. All of which is very good, but really we feel it was his plant-hunting travels with Martyn Rix and John d’Arcy to all corners of the globe that give you the tour leader you have now; one who enjoys the wonder of the place, the companionship of those with like interest, and a constant desire to learn more about the flora of just about everywhere.

Jamie will be leading the following tours:


02/04/2023 - 13/04/2023


07/05/2023 - 14/05/2023


30/06/2023 - 11/07/2023

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