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Fred Rumsey

Fred Rumsey

After obtaining his BSc in Botany from Reading University, and a PhD from the University of Manchester, Fred Rumsey joined the staff of the Natural History Museum in 1995, and recently became the Senior Curator in Charge of the British, European and Historical plant collections. The Museum’s British plant specialist, Fred is also currently President of the British Pteridological Society, a past Vice-President of the BSBI, and he serves as referee for several families and genera for the BSBI. An active field botanist and keen gardener, his interests include historical biogeography and conservation, particularly of cryptogamic plants. Fred in particular has a strong interest in the Macaronesian flora, particularly that of the Azorean Islands and was co-author of the most recent list of the vascular flora of the Azores (2010).

Fred will be leading the following tours:


01/06/2019 - 08/06/2019

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