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Ed Hutchings

Ed Hutchings

Born in East Anglia, but raised in the Arabian Gulf, Ed Hutchings was always going to have two things – itchy feet and an inquisitive mind. After leaving university with a degree in hospitality, he embarked on a career as a sommelier for a decade, working at various Michelin-star restaurants; in the process winning the prestigious sommelier competition ‘UK Torres Quizmaster’ in 2004. Ed eventually decided that wildlife was his true passion in life and he went into conservation. After brief spells with the RSPB at Symonds Yat Peregrine viewpoint in Gloucestershire and surveying Nightingales for the British Trust for Ornithology, his writing started to take centre stage. What started out as a casual column in a local village rag, escalated to writing articles for BBC Wildlife, Birdwatch, Bird Watching, Nature’s Home, Nature Travel Network and The Telegraph. Ed is passionate about birds and their ecology, with a particular interest in raptors. He is also fascinated by bird vocalisations and takes great pleasure in committing new ones to memory. Above all, conservation is closest to his heart especially the preservation of the wilder reaches of our planet.

Ed will be leading the following tours:


24/06/2021 - 03/07/2021


15/02/2021 - 02/03/2021


07/06/2021 - 20/06/2021


22/10/2021 - 01/11/2021


24/06/2021 - 19/07/2021

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