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Amanda Borrows

Amanda Borrows

We first came across Amanda Borrows twenty years ago during a botanical surveying course, when she was a Countryside Ranger. Soon after, she packed her bags and travelled the world, working on conservation projects as a Scientific Expedition Bird Co-ordinator in deepest darkest Peru, as well as a Wildlife Guide in other parts of the world on her travels. Amanda's lively and entertaining personality allows us to forgive her cheesy eighties music tastes, and instead to remember a performance of Mr Music Man that left our Arunchal Pradeshi cooks and porters spellbound! Based back in the UK Amanda has been working on ecological projects for CEH & on various environmental educational assignments. In 2011 Amanda achieved a major accolade, visiting all seven continents, and recently she read in her local village newsletter that she is referred to as the village ecologist!!

Amanda will be leading the following tours:


22/09/2019 - 11/10/2019

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