Days = 18

28 Jun 2020 - 15 Jul 2020

London to London Price = £5595

Chengdu - Chengdu Price = £4995

Deposit = £600

Single Supplement = £515*


* does not apply if you are willing to share and a room-mate can be arranged.


Days 1 & 2 

UK to Chengdu, China

Days 3 - 5

Wolong & Balang Shan

Days 6 & 7

Danba & Luhuo

Days 8 & 9

Ganze & the Dzo Dala

Day 10


Days 11 & 12     

Chola Pass & Dege

Day 13

To Litang

Days 14 - 16

Kangding & the Zhedou Shan

Day 17

To Chengdu

Day 18           

Return to the UK/Europe



Wildlife Holidays/Tours Black Primulas and Cypropediums of SICHUAN CHINA with Greentours

From luxuriant temperate forests where Giant Pandas feast on bamboo high alpine passes emerge covered in breathtaking displays of Primulas, Omphalogramma and Meconopsis.

This was the hunting ground of Ernest Wilson, an indefatigable plant hunter who scoured western Sichuan for exciting flora in the early 1900s finding the wonderful red poppywort Meconopsis punicea growing alongside yellow and blue counterparts. In fact blue poppies are really rather common with at least six species including the graceful nodding lilac bells of Meconopsis quintuplinervia. On one magical pass we can find all three colours of poppywort and even a violet hybrid!

However, it was Wilson’s rival Frank Kingdom-Ward who first found the mysterious black primula, originally far to the west, but now rediscovered in Sichuan and we’ll see this extraordinary flower alongside the inflated pouches of Cypripedium tibeticum and Cypripedium calcicola. The stunning velvety blue Grandala, surely the most beautiful of all high mountain birds, joins ten marvellous Rosefinch species, Wallcreepers, White-tailed Rubythroats and Golden Bushchats. Chunky Himalayan Marmots pose amid electric-blue Corydalis curviflora, fantastic Corydalis benecincta, pale blue Paraquilegias, red-bracted Ajuga lupulina and more than sixty species of many-hued Pedicularis.

Around twenty-five species of Primulas include the bizarre spidery red-brown Primula tangutica and swathes of vivid orange Primula cockburniana. Deepest purple Iris chrysographes blooms in grasslands with drifts of egg-shaped Lilium lophophorum and deep pink Incarvillea mariei. Paeonia veitchii and tumbling cascades of citrus-scented Clematis tangutica inhabit atmospheric woodlands along with huge Lilium sargentiae and orange Lilium davidii. Later in the tour, as we reach our highest pass at an altitude of 4800 metres, we’ll find the sensational Chionocharis hookeri flowering right beside the road, the dense domes smothered in sky-blue flowers - a quintessential alpine. In the remote western town of Dege is an old Tibetan printing press that produces many of the numerous prayer flags we’ll see. We’ll visit lamaseries and enjoy the different styles of houses that decorate the tidy pastoral landscapes coloured by fields of Anemones, Ligularias and billowing purple and yellow Thalictrum delavayi.



Flowers. Also Birds, Mammals, Landscapes and Culture.


Peter Steiger,


Easy for the most part. Much of the flora is beside the road even on the high passes so we need only walk a couple of miles a day (that’s plenty at altitude), though one can easily do more. Some steep slopes and rough ground. We adjust gradually and carefully to altitude and you won’t sleep above 3000 metres until Day 7, and the altitude of passes crossed in the daytime will increase gradually to 4800m two-thirds of the way through the tour.

Included in the Price

All flights. All transport, meals and accommodation in China. Services of your leaders. Please note: drinks, the Chinese visa, tips, and items of a personal nature including travel insurance, are not included.

Group Size

The minimum is 5 and the maximum is 10.


Hotels with en suite facilities throughout. Rooms at all are essentially generic and feature two beds, shower/WC, usually a kettle, and are comfortable if lacking in any real charm. On arrival in Chengdu we’ll have one night at the Wen Jun Hotel close to the old Taoist temple. The hotel at Danba and the Qu Eer Hotel (we’re not making this up) in Dege are both very pleasant, the latter has a display of streaming prayer flags covering the large car park. The hotels in Ludou, Litang and Maniganga are more basic two-star establishments. These last two are in remote towns and have the lowest standard of accommodation on the tour, although rooms are still en suite.


UK return flights are from a variety of UK Airports via Amsterdan to Chengdu. Other indirect routes from regional UK Airports* are available.

*These routes may incur a supplement.


This tour is to a high mountain area so we can expect a variety of conditions from strong alpine sunshine to wind, rain or hail at times. For the entire tour we are above six thousand feet so temperatures are cool to warm, never excessively hot.

How to Book

Contact us to check there is availability for the number of places you require. Download a booking form or contact us and we will send one to you. Complete and send to us. You will receive confirmation of your place and then a detailed information pack will be dispatched to you about twelve weeks before departure. This will contain up-to-date health information. Flower, bird and mammal checklists are available.

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