Days = 15

07 Oct 2018 - 21 Oct 2018

London to London Cost = £3795

Ground Only Price

Accra - Accra = £3195

Deposit = £400

Single Supplement = £400*


* does not apply if you are willing to share and a room-mate can be arranged.


Day 1


Days 2-5

Ankasa National Park

Day 6

Coconut Grove and Kakum National Park

Days 7-10

Bobiri Forest Reserve

Days 11-14

Wli, Amedzofe and the Akwapim Togo Ranges

Day 15

Return to the UK



Many countries in Africa boast impressive lists of butterflies but it is certain that nowhere are they more visible than in Ghana. This is especially true of magnificent Bobiri, a tiny forest reserve that is already known to harbour in excess of five hundred species of butterfly.

A walk along Bobiri’s track is a bewildering experience as clouds of mud-puddling Whites and Yellows take flight while abundant Swallowtails and pure gold or red Gliders show off their stunning colours every step one walks. There are the lovely ‘Mother-of-Pearls’, huge fragile-looking butterflies with pearly wings imbued with pinks or purples, as well as elegantly tailed Swordtails and the gorgeous Electric Green Swallowtail. Charaxes blaze past us, they are such fast flyers, but presented with mongoose or genet dung (often on the tracks!) these Ferrari’s of the butterfly world become tame and photographable. Even these large and colourful butterflies can’t hold a candle to that signature group of Ghana’s butterflies, the Euphaedras or Foresters. Expect over twenty species adorned in all manner of brilliant colours, from the red, black and white Edward’s Forester to the blue-green Magnificent Forester, and from the Western Striped Forester, shot through with pinks and greens, to the intricately-patterned Crocker’s Forester.

The butterflies and indeed birds are hardly less diverse among the wooded hills and waterfalls of the Akwapim Togo Ranges and in magical Ankasa National Park which protects some of the continent’s finest Evergreen High Rainforest. From Ankasa’s wide tracks we can watch golden Lurid Gliders and Blood Red Cymothoes sail past Lesser Spot-nosed Monkeys and Olive Colobuses. There are no less than nine species of primate found here, and the current butterfly list has passed six hundred species! Black Bee-eaters, Emerald Cuckoo and the lovely Blue Cuckoo-Shrike are among a panoply of brilliantly-coloured birds - a profusion of Hornbills, Kingfishers, Malimbes and Sunbirds. Mimicry is common among Ghana’s butterflies, from the giant Mocker Swallowtails right down to the tiny Similar Yellow, a striking grass yellow-mimic. Hanging from twigs we’ll see fragile Liptenids such as black and red Western Telipna and delicate Vane-Wright’s Glasswing whose shadowed wings have large black spots in the centre. There are stunning beetles, shimmering damselflies, and always more butterflies; Harlequins, Fairy Hairstreaks and Playboys... 



Butterflies. Also Birds, Mammals and Reptiles.


Paul Cardy,


Very easy. Up to four or five miles on some days but usually much less, and always at a slow pace.

Included in the Price

All flights. All accommodation, transport and meals in Ghana. Entrance fees to National Parks. Services of your leaders. Please note: items of a personal nature including travel insurance, Ghana entry visa, drinks and tips are not included.

Group Size

The minimum is 5 and the maximum is 9.


We start in the excellent Shangri-La Hotel on the outskirts of Accra. The spacious modern rooms overlook a swimming pool set amid pleasant gardens. Next are four nights at the lovely Ankobra Beach Resort, just two kilometres from Ankasa National Park. The very comfortable air-conditioned rooms are set amid lush gardens that attract plenty of butterflies and birds out of the forest Ankobra, and out front is a quiet sandy beach where the Ankobra River exits the national park and enters the sea. Next is a night at the comfortable Coconut Grove Hotel at Cape Coast. At Bobiri we have four nights in the quiet and somewhat basic Forest Guesthouse. This is followed by three nights at the welcoming Wli Water Heights Hotel in the hills at Wli close to the Togo border. The rooms at all the hotels are en suite with a shower and/or bath and WC, and all have air-conditioning or fans.


UK return direct flights are available from London Heathrow to Accra. Add-ons are available from various UK airports*. Other indirect routes from regional UK Airports* may be available. *These routes may incur a supplement.


Hot and sunny! Daily maxima are around 30°C (although temperatures under the canopy in Ankasa and Bobiri only reach 23°C) and it can be rather humid, indeed rainfall is likely most days, and is often heavy, though thankfully usually short-lived.

How to Book

Contact us to check there is availability for the number of places you require. Download a booking form or contact us and we will send one to you. Complete and send to us. You will receive confirmation of your place and then a detailed information pack will be dispatched to you about twelve weeks before departure. This will contain up-to-date health information. Butterfly, bird and mammal checklists are available.

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